A Podcast about Community and the People Who Build it

"You may be in love with the sea but the sea is not in love with you, that's for sure."

– Captain Stephanie

"Even the quietest person can have a vast amount of knowledge. But they don't get asked."

– Desiree Johnson

"I think cities like ours have a responsibility to be nimble, to take chances."

– Mayor Svante Myrick

Season Two

They Called Him the Lawnmower Man

This episode is a tribute to Eric Lovett: a musical soul, an advocate of humor, and a fixture in the Ithaca community.


The Coin Collector

Ever wondered who empties out those old lollipop-style parking meters that line the streets of Ithaca? Well...it’s Tony.


Bound for Glory

Phil Shapiro, host of North America's longest running live folk radio show, told us the magic formula for building community.


Fueling the Workforce

As a “barista unionista,” Sam Mason supplied Ithacans with coffee so they could start their workday.

She also fought for better working conditions.


Sustainable Passion

Christine Barksdale is always willing to talk about sex.

Listen to her journey from hosting passion parties to opening her own women-centric, sex positive store.


Check out our First Season

Delivering Your Mail

Take a ride on the right side with Holly Horner and learn what it takes to be a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service.


The Mall Dry Cleaners

Go behind the carousel of clean clothes to find out how exactly dry cleaning works.


Meet the Mayor

Potholes, cracking sidewalks, and coffee. Listen to Svante Myrick walk us through a day in the life of a mayor.


Becoming a Rockstar

What’s the road to becoming a rockstar? For Casey Harris of the X Ambassadors, it all started by tuning pianos.


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