They Called Him The Lawnmower Man

If you’ve ever walked the streets of Ithaca, there’s a good chance you’ve met Eric Lovett, a happy-go-lucky guy wearing a stylish hat, often seen pulling a lawnmower behind his bicycle.

Sadly, Ithaca lost Eric on November 27th at the age of 63.

This episode is a tribute to him: a musical soul, an advocate of humor, and a fixture in the Ithaca community.

Thank you, Eric, we are lucky to have known you.



Marietta Synodis and Florenz Gilly


Florenz Gilly


Red City Theme, Convoy Lines, Pigpaddle Creek, Plum King, Welcome Home Sonny, Danver Count

All tracks by Blue Dot Sessions.


BBC Sound Effects

Cover Photo:

Nico Marks/Unsplash

1 thought on “They Called Him The Lawnmower Man”

  1. Thank you for this interview! Hearing Eric’s voice brings joy to my heart. He was a a gem and a gentleman who’s presence in our community was a shining light. He will be missed by many. Gone too soon.

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