Delivering Your Mail

Whether on the back of a horse on a snowy day or on foot walking through town, Holly Horner tries to be outside as much as she can. That’s one of the reasons she chose to be a city carrier, delivering mail to homes and businesses in bustling downtown Ithaca. We accompanied Holly on her route one afternoon, from her right-seated postal truck. She told us all about the seasonal changes of mail traffic in a college town, the pitfalls of her job, and what skills she had to learn in order to do it right.

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Florenz Gilly and Marietta Synodis


Let Go Gecko, Highway 94, Cradle Rock, That Horse Ithica, Scraper
by Blue Dot Sessions

Ambient Sounds

Some sounds were taken from They were all published under a CC-License—as is our podcast.


Mosaic Foundation, The Fall Creek Brass Band, Richie and Rosie

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