Sustainable Passion

This episode mentions the existence of sex (and related content). Be alert – and have fun!

Picture 25 women chatting over wine and swapping–no, not Tupperware–but sex toys. This is how Christine Barksdale started her business. Today, over a decade later, Barksdale is running a women-centric, sex positive store off Route 13 in downtown Ithaca. Sitting with her between whips and lingerie, we learned how an episode of Oprah inspired her to open a store and that every vibrator has a distinct sound. Can you hear the difference?

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2 thoughts on “Sustainable Passion”

  1. This was a wonderful profile of a dynamic, educated and beautiful person. It was a pleasure to hear her journey and how she gives back to her community through helping others self pleasure safely and without shame. Thank you.

  2. What a joy to hear about Christine’s journey. As a 73 year old woman who never was exposed to such a natural way to be intimate with oneself, it was so refreshing to learn the world is evolving….thanks to Christine. Ithaca has lots to celebrate- it’s authenticity is being exposed by your programs. Keep uncovering your towns jewels.

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