Becoming a Rockstar

What’s the road to becoming a rockstar? For Casey Harris, who is legally blind, it all started by tuning pianos. Now the 34-year old performs around the world as the keyboardist for the alt-rock band X Ambassadors. In this episode Casey shares what it was like growing up in Ithaca, how he and his brother Sam transcended years of fighting in order to make music together, and what every aspiring band should consider when they want to be taken seriously.

On September 24th 2021, X Ambassadors will release their new album “Beautiful Liar”.

(Note: This interview was conducted in the summer of 2019 at Casey’s house in Ithaca, NY.)



Florenz Gilly and Marietta Synodis


Permission to use X Ambassadors original music was kindly granted to us for free by Kobalt Music Publishing [BMI].

Songs used:
Litost, Unconsolable, Renegades, Superpower, Gorgeous.

All songs written by Adam Levin, Samuel Nelson Harris and Casey Wakeley Harris (X Ambassadors) as well as former band member Noah G Feldshuh.

Both piano pieces in the beginning and in the end of this episode are recordings by Casey Harris. The “raw, stripped-down, acoustic version” of Unconsolable was a “Big Ugly Yellow Couch” recording. (See video here.)

With special thanks to Terra Simon, Jamin Mandel, Bill Reed and Ann Markwell.


Mosaic Foundation, The Fall Creek Brass Band, Richie and Rosie


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  1. Wendy Kimble Dugan

    Enjoyed both the dry cleaners and Casey’s interview.
    Plus, the music was not annoying!
    Thanks. There is not enough real news about Ithaca!!!!!

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